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Started by Brijesh, Sep 24, 2022, 12:45 AM

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BrijeshTopic starter

I'm back again, seeking a web hosting service that is affordable, reliable, and easy to use with the necessary technical support. There's no need for excessive disk space, but good resources would be appreciated. A legitimate platform that adheres to all laws and regulations of different countries is required, with no association with аdult content, divorce, loans, torrents or spam. The content is pure copywriting, and it is not plagiarized.

Ideally, I am looking for a European-based service that can manage three to five websites at once, and one that has good reviews and is reputable. One crucial aspect is the ability to use SMTP via Google, which surprisingly is not available on every platform.


I am a satisfied user of GoDaddy, which I have been using for a long time. Their services offer plenty of disk space, excellent technical support, and fair pricing. Additionally, I was able to secure a special tariff at a reasonable cost for several domains, which is not listed on their site. While I'm open to the possibility that there might be better options out there, I haven't come across any as stable or responsive as GoDaddy. For me, these two factors are paramount in ensuring smooth website management across multiple sites.


The best hosting provider I have ever encountered is offering great pricing, unlimited traffic, subdomains, free transfer and SSL, as well as superb customer support that even helped me set up a VPS server at no additional cost. They regularly offer promotions, making them stand out from their competitors.

My experience with hosting multiple sites on their shared hosting has been excellent, with easily handling 1900-3400 simultaneous connections. Later, I upgraded to a VPS server to accommodate more functionality and have successfully sustained an online cinema, personal file server, online store, and small social network with 70,000-90,000 simultaneous connections and video conversions.

Overall, is my preferred hosting provider because of their fair pricing, dependable performance, and excellent customer support. They even double the term for everyone when paying for three months or more, making it a great value for clients in need of long-term hosting solutions.


Quote from: BrettUK on Sep 24, 2022, 01:37 AMI use GoDaddy, everything suits me, I have been using it for a very long time, there is a lot of disk space, support is on top, and the prices, as for me, are real. + I have agreed with support, and I pay for a special tariff (which is not in the lists), at a ridiculous cost for several domain names at once. hz, maybe there is something better, well, I haven't seen it better yet. For me, the most important thing is stability and responsive support, nothing else is needed for comfortable work with multiple websites!
Yes, I agree with you. GoDaddy's service is really top notch! Excellent hosting, excellent service maintenance and 24/7 support. High performance and stability. I advise everyone


Affordability is a significant factor, but we must also ensure that the chosen platform offers reliable services with sufficient resources to manage multiple websites. Look for providers that offer shared hosting plans with good bandwidth, adequate storage space, and dependable uptime guarantees.

It's critical to emphasize the need for a hosting service that strictly adheres to the laws and regulations of different countries. This includes steering clear of any associations with аdult content, divorce, loans, torrents, or spam. Additionally, ensuring that the content you'll be hosting is pure copywriting and not plagiarized is essential for maintaining a reputable and ethical online presence.

For technical support, seek out hosting providers with a track record of responsive customer assistance. This includes 24/7 support through various channels such as live chat, email, and phone to address any issues or queries you may have.

Given your requirement to use SMTP via Google, it's important to verify that the hosting provider allows for this functionality. Not all hosting platforms support external SMTP servers, so this specific requirement should be thoroughly investigated during your selection process.

As for the European-based preference, consider researching hosting providers located in countries that align with your business needs and values. Read in-depth reviews and testimonials to gauge their reputation and performance. Look for providers with positive feedback regarding their technical capabilities, customer service, and overall reliability.