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Started by dark404, Sep 13, 2022, 05:00 AM

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Greetings everyone, members of the forum!
Can anyone suggest a trustworthy and efficient web hosting service?
I plan to upload audio content along with creating a subdomain. I am hoping for a hosting service that offers ample storage capacity.

Also, I'm planning to upload unŠ°dulterated music to a separate hosting platform, attaching a subdomain, and generating a direct link from there.

Thank you in advance for all the valuable insights!


Observe rival websites that are ranked higher, such as top-muzon com / marvarid net to see where they are hosted.
A possible option is myloc.de.

Additionally, analyzing the location of your competitors' websites can provide valuable insight into web hosting choices and enable you to be proximate to them.
For instance, mp3party net is another website you could investigate.


These are various web hosting services for storing multimedia and other files requiring registration and account activity.

One popular example is Dropbox which requires registration and offers 2-10 GB of free storage space.

Another option is Friendfeed, a news feed service that requires registration to access the "Files" button for downloading files, including music.

Other hosting services include Filefreak, MDN.fm, Fileden.com, Screencast.com, and Fileave.com, each with varying limits and requirements. For instance, MDN.fm provides 2 GB of free space and allows file sizes up to 1 GB.

The common factor among these hosting sites is the need for registration and the possibility of automatic deletion of files for account inactivity.


Hosting for music files is important primarily for showing the work done and for evaluating the music. For example, I like to hear music on youtube or soundcloud. Without music, our life would be different, I don't know about anyone but I like to start the morning with coffee, a cigŠ°rette and music in your ears. Smoking is bad for your health. Have a nice day everyone. ;)