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Started by MARK PETERSON, Sep 22, 2022, 01:18 AM

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I recently bought a dedicated IP address from a hosting provider, but upon checking on various services such as 2IP, a list of websites that supposedly share the same IP address popped up.

Interestingly enough, every service I used provided me with a different list, although there were some duplicates. As a result, I'm now uncertain whether the IP address given to me is "clean" or belongs to someone else entirely.

Given this situation, it's important to determine how I can verify whether or not the IP is truly dedicated, and if I can rely on the provider and verification services.

It's concerning that I rented a dedicated IP only to be met with this issue.


It's important to focus on the number of domains that are still linked to an IP address, rather than just the quantity of linked domains.

While it's possible that the hosting provider gave a subpar IP address, it's typically the ones with fewer linked domains that are more likely to be used for spam email campaigns and other malicious activities.

Furthermore, it's possible that any previously linked domains you found may have stopped using the IP address a long time ago.

To summarize, there's a chance that you may have unknowingly relinquished a good IP address and could risk ending up with a poor one. Best of luck navigating this situation!


It's important to communicate with your hosting provider and express your concerns regarding the shared IP addresses you've found. Request clarification on the nature of the IP address you've purchased and ask for evidence or documentation to support its dedicated status. A reputable hosting provider should be able to provide you with transparent information about the IP address they've allocated to you.

In addition, you can perform your own verification by conducting a reverse IP lookup using reliable tools from trusted sources. Look for established IP lookup services with a good reputation within the web hosting community. Cross-reference the results from multiple reputable IP lookup services to gain a clearer understanding of whether the IP address is indeed dedicated and not shared with other websites.

Consider reaching out to online communities or forums where web hosting professionals and experienced users share their insights. They may have encountered similar situations and can offer valuable advice or recommended verification methods.

Ultimately, the foundation of trust between you and your hosting provider is crucial. If you find discrepancies or inconsistencies in the information provided by the hosting company, it's essential to address these concerns directly with them. Clear communication and a proactive approach to verifying the dedicated nature of your IP address will help you make an informed decision about its reliability.
The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, and vigilance in verifying the integrity of your digital assets, such as dedicated IP addresses, is paramount. By taking these steps, you can navigate this challenging situation and ensure that the IP address you've purchased meets your expectations of being truly dedicated.


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