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Started by bayilucu, Dec 20, 2022, 09:09 AM

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I am intrigued by the idea of creating my own hosting platform. As I happen to possess a personal server, I am keen on utilizing it to host websites. However, I am wondering how I can simplify the process of automating it - to allow users to quickly select a tariff plan, make their payments, choose the relevant control panel and voila! Their website is up and running within a mere 24 hours.

Are there any cost-effective or even free platforms available for executing such a task?


One possible option for creating a hosting platform is to use ISPConfig, which is both affordable and reliable. Alternatively, you could opt for a custom solution but bear in mind that it may require a significant investment of time and resources.


There are a couple of options if you wish to create your own hosting platform. The first is to visit a bank and secure a substantial loan, while the second involves selling valuable assets such as an apartment, a kidney, etc. After that, you will need to assemble a team of skilled professionals, as this is crucial for the success of your venture. Finally, you will need to invest in equipment and secure space at a data center.

However, it is important to note, that if you are asking whether or not to pursue this idea, perhaps it is best to abandon it altogether.


A possible solution for those seeking to resell hosting services is through companies that offer programs such as BILLmanager Corporate. This program enables you to create a reseller account and customize it by type of billing, alongside utilizing external billing solutions such as Corporate or Advanced.

To activate the possibility of resale, you will need to create a server and install the billing software on it, subsequently connecting the reseller account and importing tariff plans. Once completed, you can begin reselling services.

For example, if there is an existing hosting service available for $2 on external billing, the customer can access your billing system on your server and easily place an order. Your billing system then transfers the order to the external billing system, while you receive the customer data related to the order.


Creating your own hosting platform can be an exciting endeavor. To simplify the process of automating it, you can utilize various cost-effective or even free platforms available. Here are a few options to consider:

1. Virtualmin: Virtualmin is an open-source control panel that allows you to manage multiple virtual private servers (VPS) or accounts on a single server. It provides a user-friendly interface and automation tools for simplified website management.

2. Webmin: Webmin is another open-source control panel that offers easy administration of your server. It provides a wide range of modules for managing different aspects of your hosting platform, including Apache, DNS, MySQL, and more.

3. ISPConfig: ISPConfig is a popular open-source control panel that offers a comprehensive set of features for managing your hosting platform. It includes support for multiple servers, user management, website management, and billing integration.

4. cPanel/WHM: While cPanel/WHM is not free, it is a widely used and feature-rich commercial control panel. It provides a range of automation tools, billing integration, and a user-friendly interface for both administrators and end-users.

These platforms can help you automate the process of account creation, payment processing, and control panel setup. You may need to invest some time in setting them up and customizing them to meet your specific requirements.

Remember to carefully review the terms of use and licensing requirements for each platform to ensure they align with your goals and needs.