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Started by popguard, Mar 28, 2023, 03:15 AM

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What type of hosting do you suggest for my website? I don't want it to be too costly but still perform effectively.


I purchase domain names and acquire hosting services through DomainLines.
With just a monthly fee of $2, you can opt for the MINI hosting plan.
Affordable and packed with features!

Tatwa Technologies

Check out http://timeweb.com/ - they offer excellent, high-speed hosting at a reasonable price.
Our web studio has developed around 60 websites on various CMS platforms (Joomla, InstantCMS, HostCMS) using this hosting provider over the past 6 years, after facing disappointment with other companies.

By the way, you can easily install most CMS platforms from their control panel. Their technical support is very responsive, so I highly recommend giving it a try! Additionally, they offer free SSL certificates, daily backups of data and databases, and many other useful features.


Selecting the right hosting provider is a crucial decision in website development as it directly impacts the site's quality, search engine rankings, and maintenance costs associated with troubleshooting and errors.

Having worked on website development since 2007, I have encountered numerous hosting companies while solving various issues. With my own web studio today, we have practical experience in developing projects ranging from business card sites to CRM and business automation systems.

However, the majority of website development projects fall under the category of "business card sites." These sites may not have high demands for hosting, but making hasty decisions in selecting a hosting provider can potentially jeopardize the entire site and its promotional efforts.

Hosting Registration:
When registering for hosting services, it is crucial to do so under the client's name or company who will be using the hosting for their website, including providing their contact details.

Some individual webmasters or small web studios often register a single hosting account for themselves and subsequently host their clients' websites, charging them fees. This creates inherent risks.

Firstly, it creates complete dependence on the webmaster. If the webmaster stops communication, you may lose access to your own site.

Secondly, you won't have access to the hosting account of your website to facilitate transfer to another company for promotion, as the webmaster also hosts other clients' sites on the same account.

Thirdly, if any of the webmaster's clients' sites get hacked or infected, there is a potential impact on your site as well.

In summary, each customer's website should have a separate hosting account registered under their name and contact details.

Hosting Location:
Today, the location of hosting services is becoming increasingly important. The Personal Data Law requires personal data to be stored within the territory of the Russian Federation. Hence, if, for example, your site collects applications through feedback forms, the hosting must physically be located in Russia.

It is worth noting that hosting providers often indicate their tariffs in dollars or euros, which means the cost (especially considering recent events) will directly depend on the current exchange rate.

To summarize, hosting must be physically located in Russia.

Technical Support:
Apart from registration and payment, the main aspect you may encounter is problem-solving. In this regard, the efficiency and speed of technical support become critical.

Assessing the quality of technical support objectively may be challenging. Sometimes, problems get resolved within minutes, while on other hosting sites, I have experienced my support ticket remaining unopened for over a day.

The only reliable ways to assess support quality is through online reviews or personal practical experience shared by friends, acquaintances, and partners.

To summarize, if possible, evaluate the quality of technical support.

Domain Registration:
Many hosting companies provide domain registration services (the website address). It's important to understand that domain registration can only be done by accredited registrars.

In reality, many hosting companies automatically forward domain registration applications to the registrar with whom they collaborate.

However, this collaboration may come to an end, hosting companies may close, and there have been cases of data center fires resulting in literal destruction.

In terms of site promotion, the value of the domain can exceed the technical aspects of the site itself. Losing control over the domain can potentially cost more than developing a new site.