Hetzner or OVH?

Started by Greenleesh, Nov 06, 2022, 02:09 AM

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What to choose Hetzner or OVH?

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GreenleeshTopic starter

What is the optimal choice for a hosting provider from the options stated below?

Hetzner: Helsinki or Germany.

OVH: Poland, France, Germany.

I plan on creating a website with a majority of traffic originating from Ukraine. Which location would be most suitable?


I utilize both Hetzner and OVH. However, I find the interface on Hetzner more user-friendly, and have chosen to use their servers in Germany.

When it comes to payment options, OVH offers monthly payment plans, while Hetzner bills per second. This may be more convenient for some users who prefer a more precise payment method.

Choosing a hosting provider can involve several factors, including user interface and payment options. Ultimately, it's essential to select a provider that meets your specific needs and preferences. Both Hetzner and OVH offer various advantages and disadvantages, so it's crucial to weigh them carefully before making a decision.


Despite being more expensive than OVH, I prefer and use Hetzner due to its reliability. Recently, it has proven itself to be a dependable hosting provider.

While OVH may have previously been considered a priority option, I believe it may experience issues in the future, and its quality may decrease.


I attempted OVH hosting, but had a negative experience due to their inadequate approach to handling abuses. As a result, I'm currently using Hetzner as my preferred hosting provider, as I haven't found a better option within my budget.

However, it's worth noting that even Hetzner has had some issues with traffic policies. At times, I have exceeded the data limit, and their solution is to cut the channel down to 100 Mbit, which can be frustrating.

The policy of a hosting provider towards abuse handling can be a significant factor in deciding which provider to use. While Hetzner may offer better policies in this regard, it's essential to keep in mind that they too have some limitations and may not be perfect. It's crucial to evaluate your specific needs and research multiple providers before making a decision.


Based on the information provided and assuming that you want to optimize website performance for users in Ukraine, it would be best to choose a hosting provider with a server location closest to Ukraine. In this case, Hetzner's server in Helsinki, Finland may be the most suitable option for you. This would ensure lower latency and faster loading times for users accessing your website from Ukraine.

based on the options you provided, Hetzner's server in Helsinki, Finland would still be a good choice due to its proximity to Ukraine and its reliable infrastructure. OVH's server locations in Poland, France, and Germany may also provide decent performance, but they are further away from Ukraine compared to Helsinki. Ultimately, it is recommended to consider factors like server infrastructure, latency, and the hosting provider's reputation when making your decision.

If the majority of your website traffic will be originating from Ukraine, it's important to consider factors such as server location, network connectivity, and latency.

In this case, Hetzner's server in Helsinki, Finland would likely be a good choice as it is geographically closer to Ukraine compared to the other options. Proximity can contribute to faster data transmission and lower latency.

However, OVH's servers in Poland, France, or Germany could also be viable options, as they are relatively nearby and may offer good connectivity to Ukraine. France and Germany could be particularly beneficial if you expect significant traffic from Western Europe.