Does it make sense to monitor cryptocurrency market constantly?

Started by Crewingtop, Jul 23, 2022, 01:34 AM

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CrewingtopTopic starter

Some people believe that keeping track of cryptocurrency news and prices on a daily basis is not essential, and checking them once per week or less will suffice.
What's your opinion on what frequency is more preferable?


If you are extensively involved in cryptocurrency trading, daily news and analysis are essential. Otherwise, they are useful for acquiring information.
Personally, I check the exchange rate daily, but I only wait for the growth of the main coin.

For holders, a monitoring service that tracks the exchange rate is all that's needed.


I'm somewhat familiar with the topic and use a graph to simplify things. Tokens are represented by nodes while exchange coefficients are also represented by nodes. When we transfer tokens through node H, they are converted based on a coefficient.

Our initial condition is set at 150 bits and we examine the results of all paths or cycles. Essentially, this is an algorithm for finding the shortest path on a graph, although the "brevity" function of the path maximizes rather than minimizes. I'm still learning and exploring graphs, mostly for their potential use in neural networks instead of trading, so I can't speak to the speed or effectiveness of this approach just yet.


Of course it makes sense. So many jumps can happen in a day.


Looking for what purpose to do it. If you have previously invested in any cryptocurrency in the long term, I think once a week will be enough, or when important news comes out.
If you are trading on a crypto-exchange, well, there are no questions - even with long-term trading, say, on daily candles, it is unlikely that something will keep you from constantly monitoring the course. :D