[Asia / Singapore] Premium China Direct Route

Started by rahoolgupta, Feb 05, 2023, 03:55 AM

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Ready Server Pte Ltd, which is registered under the number 201500017K and founded in Singapore in 2015, provides dedicated server hosting services in Singapore. They are an AS63930 BGP4 network provider who offers self-installation of the operating system via secure IPKVM/IPMI access via VPN. The company boasts competitive prices and an instant server that works immediately without any time wasted.

Their Premium Direct China Server starts at $269.40 per month and offers the E3-1230V3 processor with 16 GB of RAM and a 1x1 TB Hard Drive. The Core i3 server, which costs only $49 per month, includes the Core i3-4130 processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a 1X1 TB hard drive.

Ready Server also offers different dedicated server plans, including Basic I for only $29.00/month, Advanced for only $69.00/month, Storage for $90.30/month, SSD Basic for $90.30/month, Memory for $111.30/month, SSD memory for $125.40/month, and Server with a bandwidth of 200 Mbit/s for only $138.00/month. They have recently released a new AMD EPYC server processor plan, which includes 2x EPYC 7763 processors, 2 TB RAM, 1x 480 GB SSD, and 4x 7.68 TB NVME.

To learn more about Ready Server's dedicated server plans, visit their website at www.readyserver.sg or check out https://portal.readyserversg.com/cart.php.