DUAL GOLD 6146 3.2GHz, 256GB DDR4, 1Gbps blended unmetered: $281!

Started by nish009, Jan 24, 2023, 02:33 AM

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nish009Topic starter

You can lease Dell Poweredge R740 enterprise servers that are located in a Tier III data center in Boston at US$281 per month (or US$269 with prepayment for 3 months). The data center is SOC2/fully redundant and offers dedicated premium mixed bandwidth without 1 Gbit/s counter. The servers feature Dual Xeon Gold 6146 3.2GHz, 12 cores/24 threads (total 24 cores/48 threads), 256 GB of RAM DDR4 ECC, NVMe boot disk, and 2x1 TB SSD RAID1. In addition, there is a hardware RAID array (RAID0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60) and/or the possibility of hot redundancy (total of 8 disk bays), a 12 Gbit/s backplane, and full access via KVM/IP (beautiful HTML5, no crappy Java). Each server also comes with a /29 IPv4 and /64 IPv6.

If you pay 3 months in advance, the US$45 installation fee is waived. There is no purchase link for this service, so you must send a request to End Office Co., Ltd. via email or in person. If necessary, you can choose to upgrade your package with several options such as increased bandwidth or additional IP addresses.

For those who have specific configuration needs or requirements, you can contact End Office Co., Ltd. directly. They also offer colocation services in Boston.