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Started by parijatziw, Feb 24, 2023, 02:19 AM

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Mad Genius has been in the hosting business since 1999, renowned for their exceptional service. They operate from offices located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Ashburn, Virginia. If you cannot find an option that suits you, contact Mad Genius and they will tailor a customized package for you.

Mad Genius offers dedicated servers for all your hosting requirements. Should you outgrow your current server, they will seamlessly move you to a larger one. Mad Genius values your business, no matter the size.

Mad Genius accepts various forms of payment, including credit card, PayPal, ACH, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Etherem, XRP, Litecoin, etc.). You can use the discount code 25SERVER for the specified server, including add-ons. During the upgrade, the discount remains valid. Mad Genius also has options available in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Ashburn, Virginia.

Their data center's name is location, with a continuous data center in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Test IPv4: Networks: Centurylink/Level3, GTT, Cogent, 365Data, HE and IX Reach. Test file:

Each server has two IP addresses. A /26 costs an additional $50 per month, a /25 costs an additional $100 per month, and a /24 costs an additional $200 per month.

The server specifications include an Intel Xeon E5-2430, 48 GB of RAM, 2*2TB HDD in Raid1, 1 Gbit/s port, bandwidth 30 TB, and a choice of Linux or Windows (Windows Fee). They offer free remote reboot via the portal. The cost is 110 USD or 82.50 USD per month with code WHT-25SERVER. For any questions, contact or visit their website at