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Started by sima singhs, Sep 21, 2022, 03:41 AM

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We are excited to introduce a new service in Europe, which offers the rental of Cisco and Mikrotik routers. You may visit to access the rental rates for some of the most popular models used by small businesses such as the CISCO 891-K9 and Mikrotik RB2011UiAS-RM. However, if you need a device that is not listed, we can provide a personalized offer upon request via

With our VPN+IPsec enabled network devices, your company can secure traffic between all offices or establish a secure three-way connection including office network, server infrastructure, and the internet.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


Hello! That sounds like a great service you are offering. Renting Cisco and Mikrotik routers can be very beneficial for small businesses looking for a cost-effective solution. And with VPN+IPsec enabled network devices, the added security is definitely a plus. I'm sure many companies in Europe will find your service valuable. Good luck with your new venture!

How does renting Cisco and Mikrotik routers benefit small businesses in terms of cost and flexibility compared to purchasing them outright?

Can you explain in more detail how the VPN+IPsec enabled network devices enhance the security of traffic between offices and the three-way connection mentioned?