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Started by Sedfinder, Jan 30, 2023, 07:20 AM

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WebServer.eu.com is a company that provides top-notch, managed hosting services with the goal of catering to customers all around the world. The company highly values all of their clients.

Location-wise, the company has two data processing centers - one in Western Europe ( France ) which is suitable for the UK and Ireland, France, Benelux, Spain, Portugal and other parts of the world, and the other in North America ( Canada ), which is more suited for the USA, Canada and other parts of the world.

The website offers a plethora of dedicated hosting plans that can be found here: https://webserver.eu.com/web-hosting/dedicated/. These plans include the PS-2, Private Server which costs $90/month, Pro Server which goes for $160/month, and Business Server, also priced at $160/month. Each of these plans has its own set of benefits and features such as installation fees, processors, spindles/threads, RAM, hard drives, attack types, connections, guaranteed bandwidths, operating systems, admin panels, root access, IP addresses, uptime guarantees, support, control, and high-efficiency cooling.

One difference between WebServer.eu.com and other hosting companies is that they prioritize stable, fast, and reliable hosting based on modern technologies, making it easier than ever to launch a website. They provide a range of web hosting and development services with innovative packages and all the necessary tools to get started.

If you need any help or have any questions, you can contact them at https://webserver.eu.com/members/submitticket.php or through email at support@WebServer.eu.com.