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Started by selvan12345, Nov 07, 2022, 09:40 AM

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The following tariffs include CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, Unlimited FTP accounts, Unlimited MySQL database, and Unlimited traffic. Domain registration is available in almost any zone and is accessible to anyone, regardless of their citizenship. You can check the availability of domains at

Regular hosting plans start from $1 at

Here is a breakdown of our different hosting plans:
- Hosting (approximately 10 GB/s):
    - AT-SD: $12 for 50 GB disk space and 1 website (promotion - $120 per year)
    - AT-HD: $31 for 500 GB disk space and 5 sites
    - AT-BB: $99 for 1500 GB disk space and 15 sites
    - In-In: individual tariff

We also offer traffic proxying plans at the following rates:
- PR-DAY: $45 for protection up to 10 GB/s per day
- PR-1M: $170 for protection up to 1 GB/s per month
- PR-5M: $250 for protection up to 5 GB/s per month
- PR-10M: $450 for protection up to 10 GB\s per month
- PR-IN: individual tariff per month

Our data center is one of the best in Europe, and installation takes up to 12 hours. Our prices for malware and XRUMER are $800 and $650, respectively. We also offer dedicated servers for problematic content and Crum with the following configuration: Processor: Intel i7 RAM: 32 GB Hard Disk: 1000 GB SATA Channel: 1000 Mbps.

We temporarily accept servers for problematic content only through technical support. Additionally, we offer server rentals, as well as additional services like Dedicated IP addresses, Subnets, and Racks in the DC.

We offer contract signing in Cyprus, Dominica, and England, and payment is accepted via bank transfer (Bank transfer).

We accept payment from various sources, including PrivatePay, Western Union, Contact, Golden Crown, EasyPay, MoneyGramm, Unistream, PayPal, and Moneybookers(Skril).

If you need support, please email us at or visit our website at


What types of e-commerce features are included with the plan that they are offering?