I urgently need a dedicated hosting service

Started by jina, Jun 17, 2022, 05:20 AM

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Can anybody suggest a trustworthy dedicated hosting provider that can be set up quickly?
The provider should have the capability to host a link shortening service (similar to TinyURL) which permits users to redirect links, including potentially harmful ones.


Has your existing service provider closed down your server due to abuse problems? Are you receiving a high volume of abuse complaints each month?

There are numerous providers that are capable of rapidly setting up servers. However, it would be beneficial if you could provide more details regarding your budget, location, and server hardware requirements in order for people to make relevant recommendations.


In order to satisfy your urgent requirement, consider using Equinix Metal (previously known as packet.net). They have the ability to quickly launch dedicated servers that are billed hourly (including spot-style instances). While their bandwidth charges are relatively high ($0.05 per GB), I believe that your text manipulation use case does not require a significant amount of bandwidth.

Afterwards, you could seek out other hosting providers in order to obtain more favorable rates by making a long-term commitment.

However, I am unsure about their abuse policy.


It is crucial to invest some time in identifying a suitable provider that you can communicate your objectives with, and who can handle abuse reports appropriately. Many companies may terminate your service if abuse becomes excessive.

If you receive frequent abuse complaints, it is recommended that you register the IP addresses under your business name and enable abuse emails. Implementing a proper abuse report form on your website can also help to address most complaints directly, prior to escalation to your provider.

Please note that advertising by companies is prohibited here. It would be prudent to review the offers section, compile a list of potential providers, and then engage in discussions with each to determine which one best meets your requirements.


Our VPS service is available in a choice of 9 countries. The pricing for 4000MB memory capacity starts at $15, whereas 8GB memory is priced at $20, and so on. In order to test our service, I installed and ran Viber on the VPS successfully, with no black screen observed. We also offer a 3-day trial period free of charge, so that you can evaluate our service yourself.

I believe that using a dedicated server would be an unnecessary expense. If you are interested in our service, please send us a private message, and we will provide you with test access.

Alternatively, we offer a package including 50GB of SSD storage and 4000MB of RAM / 1000MHz for $10.99 per month, and a 7-day trial period is included.


There are several dedicated hosting providers that can meet your requirements. One option you can consider is Amazon Web Services (AWS). With AWS, you can quickly set up a dedicated server and configure it to host your link shortening service. AWS provides reliable infrastructure and has the capability to handle potentially harmful links.

Another option is DigitalOcean, known for its easy-to-use interface and quick server deployment. It offers dedicated hosting plans that can accommodate your link shortening service.

Lastly, you may also explore providers such as Linode or OVH, both offering dedicated hosting services that can be quickly set up and provide the necessary capabilities for hosting a link shortening service.


1. Google Cloud Platform (GCP): GCP offers dedicated hosting solutions through its Compute Engine service. It provides high-performance virtual machines that can be quickly provisioned to meet your needs.

2. Vultr: Vultr is another reliable dedicated hosting provider that offers SSD-powered servers in multiple locations worldwide. They provide a simple and intuitive control panel for easy management of your hosting environment.

3. Hetzner: Hetzner is a reputable hosting provider based in Germany. They offer dedicated servers with excellent performance and reliability. Hetzner also has data centers in multiple locations, providing flexibility for hosting your link shortening service.

4. Bluehost: Although Bluehost is primarily known for shared hosting, they also offer dedicated hosting plans. Their dedicated servers come with robust features and 24/7 support.


The best dedicated servers are available from time-tested companies: host4pоrn.com and hostsailor.com.
Solid Hosting. Recommended due to following reasons: 1) Good support. 2) Low Prices. 3) Good server speed and up time. 4) Old /experienced company with little or no hiccups in the processes. I would highly recommend them.


I'm fully satisfied with GTHost.com instant servers. They offer over 17 locations.
 - Amazing speed connectivity (pages load super fast),
 - rapid professional tech help (they work even at night - this is great).


Believe NetShop Isp dedicated servers will suit your needs.
IP leasing, BGP Routing and LOA Announcements accepted + free hardware replacement.
They have one click installs that you can install on your server with just one click of a button.


Have a look at servers from decent hosting providers: qhoster.com and owned-networks.net.
Their machines are quickly and solid. Faster than almost every other hosting companies that I've attempted. My strategy still includes a uptime of 100% without the interruptions.