What dedicated hosting providers are now accepting cryptocurrencies

Started by john45, Jun 24, 2022, 04:53 AM

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Some time ago, I started a discussion on a forum about dedicated server hosting companies that were willing to accept payment with cryptocurrencies. To my surprise, there were quite a few providers who did so.
 Currently, the cryptocurrency market is not doing very well, as only 14% of financial advisors are suggesting investments in this area. Stable coin cryptocurrencies are being adversely affected by the current inflation problems. I wonder if more companies in this industry are accepting cryptocurrencies now or if this declining trend is causing concern.


About 38% of our sales come from cryptocurrency payments, which are used three times more often than credit cards and second only to PayPal in terms of popularity. We convert the funds to USD immediately upon receipt, and we highly recommend it to other hosts as it has been the best payment method we have ever used with zero chargebacks and ease of use.

 In our experience as a business, we have found that cryptocurrency is not just an investment but a widely used payment method. While many people are unaware of its potential for payment use cases, our industry is one such area where it makes sense to pay with cryptocurrency.


Most providers accept Bitcoin as a payment option due to its easy, low-cost transactions and the absence of chargebacks.
I stumbled upon a website while checking our backlinks - https://dedicatedbitcoin.com/ - where someone is compiling a list of dedicated server providers that accept Bitcoin. This resource could be useful.
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GlavHost is a top hosting company that accepts cryptocurrency payments. The company features a range of market leaders, such as THEM, Eurobite, MacLeod, Machost, among others. All of the hosting options provide excellent functionality, a user-friendly control panel, and affordable pricing.

The ratings are based on an automatic point system, with authors having no control over the position of any hosting provider. Points are awarded based on the quantity and quality of services that matter to users. For instance, a provider offering free automatic backup receives more points compared with those who charge for it, and a provider with a test period of 30 days is scored higher than one providing only seven days.

To ensure objectivity, ratings consider user reviews from various sources, which entails calculating the average rating and considering the number of sources and ratings. This method precludes any chance of a provider receiving an unfairly high score.


Despite the fact that some cryptocurrencies have recently fallen significantly in price, they are still the future. And those projects, including hosting and domain registrars, do the right thing by accepting them for payment. This means that they are focused on development and I know that it is very profitable to keep cryptocurrency in their arsenal.


I have compiled a list of what I believe to be the top hosts that accept Bitcoin:
- Hostinger boasts an uptime of 99.9% or higher, high-speed service, 24/7 technical support, and acceptance of multiple cryptocurrencies.
- Hostwinds offers unlimited disk space and network bandwidth, a choice of two data centers (located in the US and Europe), and a money-back guarantee that applies to cryptocurrency payments.
- Namecheap is an excellent provider that not only offers affordable domain names but also provides quality web hosting and free domain protection.


Currently, given the sanctions, this is one of the possible ways to pay for paid hosting by a foreign transfer via SWIFT. There are some hosters with possible payment in cryptocurrencies. However, some of them still request a physical card at the first payment. It is also a good opportunity for those users who are looking for privacy and anonymity on the Internet.