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Started by vikov, Aug 01, 2022, 03:04 AM

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I won't reveal the name of the hosting provider, but I would like to describe a situation that happened with me. I had decided to leave my previous hosting service, so I registered with a new hosting provider and moved all my sites over. However, upon checking my sites on the new host, I found that instead of my content, I was seeing a stub advertisement for the previous hosting provider.

The ad contained links to their website and information about DNS. This was appearing on all my sites, and it was clearly an advertisement. When I contacted the hosting provider about this, they told me that it was intentional and that they were doing it to protect my domain from being stolen by scammers.

They claimed that such domains were often targeted by bots looking to link them to fraudulent servers. I believe that this was nothing but a successful advertising campaign on my websites, and I am seeking compensation for the moral damages caused by this. What is your opinion on this matter?


As far as I can tell, you have the option to take legal action to claim compensation from the hosting provider. However, it is unlikely that you will receive any payment from their support team or even their director. In my personal experience, I prefer to keep all my domains with one registrar and my hosting services with another provider to avoid any transfer complications.

When transferring websites, we typically leave them in their original spot until we have everything completely moved. Then, we transfer the necessary files, deploy them on the new host, and check that they work before interrupting the DNS records to the new server. After waiting for the DNS update, we remove the sites from their original place.

The downtime in this process is usually no more than 25 minutes, and potential problems are minimal. As for the situation with the "stubs" appearing on your websites, I don't quite understand why they materialized, but I doubt that your former hosting provider violated anything.


Any unauthorized alteration or addition to your content can have far-reaching implications for your online presence.
The unexpected appearance of unrelated advertising can disrupt the visual and functional harmony you've carefully crafted for your websites. It introduces an element of inconsistency, undermining the user experience you strive to provide. This can lead to confusion and frustration among visitors, potentially impacting their perception of your brand.

Additionally, the hosting provider's explanation for their actions does not seem aligned with industry best practices for domain protection. While it's true that cyber threats targeting domain names exist, effective safeguards involve robust security measures, monitoring for suspicious activities, and prompt response to any identified risks. Placing advertisements unrelated to your content seems like an overly invasive measure with questionable rationale.

Regarding the pursuit of compensation for moral damages, it's essential to document the specific ways in which this incident has negatively affected your websites and your brand. This could include assessing changes in user engagement, analyzing any impact on conversion rates or sales, and evaluating feedback or commentary from visitors regarding the unexpected advertising.
I believe that the hosting provider's actions have violated the sanctity of your creative and communicative space online. It's crucial for hosting providers to respect and protect the integrity of their clients' content, ensuring that it accurately represents their intentions and brand identity. I would recommend pursuing a resolution with the hosting provider that not only addresses the financial aspect but also seeks assurances for the future protection of your websites from similar unauthorized interventions.


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