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Started by rabindra, Jan 10, 2023, 01:09 AM

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My current PHP shared hosting limits my language options, so I'm considering switching to cloud hosting for more flexibility with Node.JS, Go, Elixir, Rust, Scala, etc. However, I have two concerns: how do I protect against attacks and will using a cloud VPS require me to manage secure administration and be billed for DDoS attacks?

In shared hosting, administrators configure PHP, web servers, and OS updates to ensure security and may not charge for sudden attendance spikes. With a cloud VPS, I worry about having to manage secure administration and being charged for resource overspending during a DDoS attack.

If you have experience or thoughts on these issues, please share. Thanks!


In most cases, hosting for resources is pricier than VDS and pricing for VDS is calculated differently. With VDS, hosts can set everything up for you and you can log in like a regular shared host. However, you have the option to score 100% from the beginning if you want to try doing it yourself.

pricing of hosting and VDS can vary based on your specific needs and usage. Be sure to do your research and consider all factors before making a decision.


It's possible to establish resource limits or spending caps for alerts via email when you exceed a certain threshold, like $500. Most sellers who provide resources also offer one of these features for payment.

Resource limits and spending caps are useful features for controlling costs and avoiding unexpected bills. It's important to consider your needs and budget when setting these limits to ensure adequate resources without overspending.


Well, hostingsource.com US web host has been nothing but superb. Up-to-date php configuration, regularly updated MySQL version, and best of all, superb customer service on msn and skype. Easy setup in control panel as well, and an excellent price.


Attractive deals are available from time-tested companies: hostingsource.com and hostsailor.com.
Their dedicated solutions are made of quality components and provided with high uptime and helpful support at competitive prices.


Transferred all my sites to XXIwebhosting.com Thai Servers and no regrets! Uptime: perfect, Service: perfect.
The price is outstanding for the features provided, nice control panel with a load of features.
Easy to understand website.


pq.hosting is a Moldova-registered company with equipment located in several countries, including Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Canada, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, USA, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, and the Czech Republic. VPS/VDS prices start at 3.77€ for 15 GB NVMe SSD, 1 GB RAM, and 1 vCPU, while dedicated server pricing begins at 150€ for 2x Intel Xeon E5-2680v2, 32 GB RAM, and 2x 480 GB SSD.

On the other hand, friendhosting.net is a Bulgaria-registered company with equipment located in several countries, including Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, USA, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland. VPS/VDS prices start at 2.99€ for 5 GB SSD, 0.5 GB RAM, and 1 vCPU, while dedicated server pricing starts at 99.99€ for Intel Xeon E3, 32 GB RAM, and 2x 250 GB SSD.

While both companies offer VPS/VDS and dedicated servers, there are differences in pricing and equipment location. It's important to consider your specific needs and budget when choosing a hosting provider.