Reliability with Selectel's Dedicated Servers

Started by Alekset, Jul 02, 2022, 04:01 AM

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AleksetTopic starter

I chose Selectel, a technology company that offers cloud infrastructure and data center services, due to an important factor. Thus far, I have not encountered any issues with this provider's reliable services, and their technical support has responded promptly.
Although it is not necessarily inexpensive, the speed and efficiency of their operations are notable with low ping and fast performance.


You can judge how good or bad a hosting or server is by how quickly they help you solve problems. In my experience, if support responds after a day or more, then such a company is not reliable. In addition, I always pay attention to reviews and, of course, the characteristics of the service. It is quite possible to get hosting and even a dedicated server with unlimited traffic and an unlimited number of sites for hosting for a reasonable price.


Hi! I completely agree, but it seems to me that the price is still high. But it is justified by good technical support from Selectel. They work very quickly and help solve the problem that has arisen. I put 9 out of 10.

Lucas Babcock

If you are talking about Selectel, whose office is based in Russia, St. Petersburg, then I would not be so optimistic. I tested it last year, so I have experience in cooperation. I agree with the author of the topic that the ping is small, but not instilled servers built on cloud hardware technology are like that? And now for the facts.
GEO. A company from Russia, and this is fraught with blocking or all sorts of problems,
Price. Prices bite -16 vCPU 64 GB RAM they cost $450, which is a lot of money (the average price on the market is $350, and the lowest is $265).
Technical support. It does not work well (3 out of 5 tickets were not answered - at least after the lease they began to answer less often).
Working capacity. Everything here is 5/5.
I would rate the company 3.5 out of 5.


Selectel, a top provider of cloud infrastructure and data center solutions, facilitated the launch of the X5 Group cloud platform based on open source development and Salt private cloud. The company provided innovative infrastructure through the "data center as a service" model, offering internal users product and platform services with automated processes for quick access to the cloud with enhanced security settings.

Selectel catered to X5 Group's needs by providing dedicated web servers and network equipment of purpose-built configurations, communication channels, dedicated racks, and monitoring services for a high level of SLA guarantees. X5 Group benefits from the ease of commissioning new platforms and transferring the issues of operating and developing supporting infrastructure to Selectel.

The Salt X5 Cloud operates in both Moscow and Selectel's St. Petersburg data centers, providing a Tier III level of infrastructure. Selectel uses freecooling refrigeration units to reduce energy consumption while maintaining high standards, and dynamic UPS systems to conserve energy and eliminate the need for batteries, improving efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Maxim Popov, Deputy General Director for Business Development, Selectel stated that the ability to customize solutions is vital to implementing tasks for X5 Group, and it is their pleasure to offer modern data center solutions that align with the industry's high standards. The partnership between the two companies demonstrates how introducing innovations can make businesses more efficient and sustainable, contributing towards a greener planet.


I chose high-quality and reliable hosting. I decided to test the selector, I was satisfied with everything. I often communicate with technical support, so I can note that the guys here are competent and will help as soon as possible. You can also throw a plus for a convenient panel