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Started by udanteiky, Aug 08, 2022, 02:44 PM

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udanteikyTopic starter

Hi all! I'm currently in the market for a server for my cloud gaming service, and I could use some help.

Here are my specifications:
- Must be located in Germany or France
- Solid-state drive with at least 5TB capacity
- DDOS attack protection
- 2 Gbit/s network
- AMD Radeon 5000 Series

If anyone has any recommendations or information to share, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance!

Edison Duncan

If you're searching for fair pricing, check out ovhcloud.com. Prices range from $85 to $1000 per month and you can select your preferred region.

For those on a budget, I recommend checking out ionos.com. However, it appears they only have locations in the US, although there may be options in Germany.

If you require a GeForce GTX 1070 or higher, unihost.com is the place to go. They offer servers in Germany and other EU countries.

Ourel Augest

There are 2 types of platforms for games - the usual ones, which, in addition to the usual hardware, include a video card (which increases the cost of server rental at times) and game servers that have slots for games (there is a list of games and a control panel where you manage the space). If we talk about the first type, then I recommend paying attention to ikoula.com, and if you want to rent slots, then here are two good representatives for you - server.nitrado.net/en-GB/products/gameserver and g-portal.com/en/gameserver/index.


For many game servers, such as Minecraft, the built-in ddos protection on the hoster's side and a wide channel (in case of not ordinary ddos, but bot farming) are of great importance, which is mentioned here in passing. So it turns out that 90% of large Minecraft projects are sitting on OVH (and the rest are at Hetzner). This year I was looking for a closer solution, since France is both a bigger ping and frequent instability of the connection from the Russian Federation, but alas, I did not find a hosting with similar characteristics for a close price. Some hosters immediately wrote to support: ah, Minecraft — well, this is not for us :). Now I looked at the ruvds website, alas, they give only 20 mbit / s of cleared traffic for a very large amount. A little cheaper than similar hosters, but could not surprise.

Zhoshua Adrian

I suggest you use the services of a shared server to create a game server. Some of the best in Germany are aweb.gr, eugamehost.com, servers.com (there are servers in Germany) and servermania.com. Almost everyone has both already created assemblies and dedicated game servers.


I once attempted a similar project using Rust but ended up creating a prototype on phpReact instead. Surprisingly, the speed in php was more than enough despite the fact that the game mechanics were quite complex. The game objects and network had to constantly process messages with their own logic, constantly generating new ones.

Debugging the gameplay proved to be a difficult task due to the complex map and asynchronous chaos, which Rust's typing and multitasking couldn't help with. Despite this setback, I didn't give up and left the project for another time when I could tackle it with fresh eyes.


Look at servers from asvhost.com and planethoster.com as they are well-balanced and low cost with high high uptime and quality support.

Sue Nelson

With these per-server setups, you only need a dedicated server. It should be borne in mind that game servers suffer from their own specifics. Lyrics aside, I suggest turning to fornex.com (server in Germany). However, regarding the GPU, it is necessary to negotiate separately in correspondence with technical support.
I heard a lot of good things about servers from hostkey.com. They have good servers for games (A5500), which are located in Holland.
There are also leadergpu.com, which offer, well, super powerful machines, but there are minutes (except for the price) - often machines with 5 TB disks are busy. Of course, you can agree on the creation of a separate server, but again - all through correspondence.


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