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Started by Davidadams, Oct 12, 2022, 03:04 AM

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Greetings, may I ask for your assistance?

I have been approached by an acquaintance who is a director of a call center with more than 50 workstations. They inquired if it was possible to rent a server that can cater to all users, allowing them access to various applications such as a browser, Skype, specialized programs for trading, office applications, and others - essentially, a completely client profile.

I must admit that I have never encountered a similar request before. Considering the number of workstations, it would require immense computing power, which may not be feasible on a single server.

Could you advise me on the hardware specifications needed for a web server to support multiple workstations? Additionally, what are the means by which remote desktop connections can be implemented? Lastly, my acquaintance also wishes to monitor their employees remotely, are there any specific programs that you could recommend?


LeaseWeb is offering server rentals, specifically for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This has become a common practice, with numerous VDI options available, such as those from Citrix and VMWare. It can be a more cost-effective solution compared to purchasing the necessary hardware, especially if budget constraints are present.

When it comes to monitoring employees, there are various methods to implement it. One option is to connect to their workstations or thin clients, with software such as TeamViewer. Alternatively, sessions on virtual computers can be monitored. However, there may be some nuances when it comes to using special programs. It is possible to create a super-terminal where everyone can log in, but this method may not be suitable for every situation. In some cases, virtual machines may not be necessary.


If you require cloud services, Amazon is a reliable option. For those with more budget constraints, there are office providers that offer high quality services at average prices. RackShack, now known as EV1/ThePlanet, and SoftLayer are recommended for their similar price points.

However, it is important to exercise caution when selecting a provider based solely on pricing. It may be worthwhile to consider premium hosting providers such as RackSpace, who also offer shared hosting and VPS services. Although these options may come at a higher price point, they often come with service level agreements (SLAs) that ensure greater reliability and support. As your project progresses, exploring these premium options may be necessary.


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