Site webform not open after hosting changing

Started by jessepeterson, Nov 10, 2022, 08:48 AM

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jessepetersonTopic starter

A coder created an application form that sends data to Telegram when the website was hosted elsewhere. This form reached version 8.0 before the PHP hosting migration, but the old web hosting refused to provide free SSL without a dedicated IP fee. The website moved to another hosting, which made it https, but the PHP version is now 7.4.

Despite multiple attempts to rephrase, a clear answer to the issue of why an application form on a website is not clickable and does not open could not be found. The "telegram form" folder is located at the root of the website containing three folders with css, php, and js files. HTTP links were changed to HTTPS recently, but the form remains nonfunctional. The hosting service provider reported that all scripts are executed but with JavaScript errors. Although screenshots were provided, they are only accessible through VPN. There is no desire to contact the developer who made the form, so troubleshooting continues. It is believed that the issue is associated with the PHP change or hosting migration. Access to the code is difficult due to numerous files and folders.

The site runs on MODX 2.8.3-pl, and despite efforts to solve the problem, it has persisted for three years now. Professional assistance is required as a solution to this difficult question cannot be found on the internet.


The error message "missing closing tag </script>" appears before the line with the Google Analytics global site tag. Additionally, submitting the application results in a PHP error. Enabling error output to the log is recommended as an alternative to outputting errors on the screen. These logs should be reviewed periodically to address any identified errors. It is also recommended to disable error output on the combat server and only enable it on the developer's computer.