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Started by Goshka, Mar 31, 2023, 11:30 AM

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I find both and servers appealing and I need to choose the superior option. What steps should I take to make a decision?


Are you looking for a particular server location?

Consider giving a try for bitcoin server hosting. They prioritize the safety, security, and satisfaction of their customers through their dedicated efforts. Their commitment to providing a reliable and secure hosting environment is highly regarded, and I would confidently recommend them to anyone seeking top-notch hosting services. Without a doubt, they deserve a five-star rating as a host.

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I switched to last year. My site has been up from the very beginning, never had any problems.
I run a forum on it and I didn't expect a host to be that fast.


Have a look at servers from
Their Support is excellent. They solve any hosting related problem within while you are chatting with them.


I was recommended to try as a host that offered excellent value, and most importantly for me, as a complete novice, excellent support. They stayed with me thru the whole signup and introduction on setting up the site and control panel. Use the code 1GBITPORT and get 1Gbit Port Free Upgrade on Dedicated Servers.


So I would have to recommend servers, highly, based on my experience thus far.
The live chat help system has always been very helpful.
Uptime and speed connectivity have been also great.