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Started by Gerrik, Dec 13, 2022, 11:04 AM

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What is the superior server provider - or


Considered the best and most intriguing web hosting provider worldwide, Bluehost is the official recommendation of - the leading CMS. Regardless of location, Bluehost is the optimal option. The server's location is in the USA, spanning 5 square km and supported by 118 data centers throughout the world, which allows CloudFlare CDN technology to provide lightning-fast transfer speeds, regardless of the physical gap between servers and site visitors.
Their average server uptime is an impressive 99.95% and TTFB delays are below 500 ms. Bluehost uses CentOS, a Linux-based OS, but Windows can be installed on dedicated servers as well.

The hosting is abuse-resistant, meaning that websites on it will not be disabled under any circumstances, including complaints, claims, and other collisions. They provide flexible settings, allowing users to disable almost anything they won't need (extensions, PHP and Apache modules), reducing the load on the physical server and speeding up projects. Additionally, their hosting provides excellent protection against spam, DDoS, and personal data security.
Daily backup of data is provided, making it a universal hosting solution without weaknesses. It also includes a convenient control panel (extended cPanel) that can be easily customized. With a variety of additional features, excellent technical support, and a positive reputation among reputable experts, Bluehost stands out as a leader in web hosting.


There are several top server providers in the market, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some popular options include:

- Amazon Web Services (AWS): Known for its versatility and wide range of services.
- Microsoft Azure: Offers a robust platform with seamless integration for businesses already using Microsoft products.
- Google Cloud Platform (GCP): Known for its strong data analytics tools and machine learning capabilities.
- IBM Cloud: Provides a combination of infrastructure, platform, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.
- Oracle Cloud: Offers a comprehensive suite of cloud services and focuses on enterprise-level customers.

- DigitalOcean: Known for its simplicity and developer-friendly features, it offers scalable cloud infrastructure with competitive pricing.
- Vultr: Offers high-performance virtual servers with a global network of data centers and a user-friendly interface.
- Linode: Known for its excellent performance, reliability, and affordability, it provides cloud hosting solutions with flexible pricing plans.
- Hetzner: A popular provider in Europe, it offers a wide range of dedicated servers and cloud hosting options with reliable infrastructure.
- OVHcloud: Known for its extensive range of server options and strong European presence, it provides scalable and customizable solutions.

- Rackspace: Offers managed cloud infrastructure and hosting services, with a focus on providing excellent support and expertise.
- Alibaba Cloud: Known for its strong presence in Asia, it offers a wide range of cloud computing services and has a global network of data centers.
- UpCloud: Provides high-performance cloud servers with flexible pricing options, along with a user-friendly interface and reliable infrastructure.
- Scaleway: Offers a variety of cloud infrastructure solutions, including bare-metal servers, virtual private servers (VPS), and Kubernetes clusters.
- Hetzner Cloud: A subsidiary of Hetzner, it provides scalable and cost-effective cloud hosting solutions with a focus on simplicity and transparency.

- Digital Realty: A leading provider of data center solutions, offering colocation services and customizable options for businesses of all sizes.
- Equinix: Known for its global network of data centers and interconnection services, it provides secure and reliable infrastructure for enterprises.
- OVHcloud: Offers a range of dedicated servers, cloud hosting, and storage solutions with a strong focus on security and privacy.
- Hetzner Online: Provides dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), and cloud hosting options with competitive pricing and reliable infrastructure.
- Kamatera: Known for its flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure solutions, it offers virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers.

- Scaleway: Offers a range of cloud services, including virtual private servers (VPS), bare metal cloud servers, and container orchestration.
- OVHcloud: Known for its wide range of server options, including dedicated, virtual private servers (VPS), and cloud hosting solutions.
- Vultr: Provides high-performance cloud compute instances and bare metal servers with global availability and competitive pricing.
- Linode: Offers cloud hosting and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions with a focus on simplicity, scalability, and affordability.
- Hetzner Cloud: Provides scalable and cost-effective cloud servers and storage solutions with data centers in multiple locations.


Servers are stable.
I'm fully satisfied using instant server hosting service. 18 locations to choose from.
Highly recommend them to any webmaster who is looking for quality and professional hosting services.


I found cPanel web host and needed to transfer my files to their VPS hosting account. I couldn't have done it without support team, their replies were quick and the instructions were easy to follow, which made it possible for even a non-techie like me to do.


I always look for a few things: reliability, support/knowledge, price - you get what you pay for really.
Take a look at Web Host Pro dedicated servers. The price is very reasonable compared to other hosts I've seen.
That's what I call service. I can't really judge the reliability yet, but I'm happy with everything.


You'd better choose servers. ABSOLUTELY FREE! Enjoy a 100% DISCOUNT on our DELL PowerEdge R320 E5-2470v2 dedicated server!


Happy using service - they look good and will even transfer my entire joomla codebase and mysql data over no problems at no extra costs. They helped me set up MediaWiki and have auto-installers for many open source CMS and other tools.