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Started by jackgrylls, Mar 08, 2023, 06:16 AM

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I have a keen interest in web development, encompassing both frontend and backend aspects. I have extensively studied HTML and CSS, but currently find myself at a standstill. It feels monotonous to revisit the same concepts, yet I lack direction on what to tackle next. Although my professional background lies elsewhere, I enjoy keeping up with the latest technological advancements and design innovations. Thus, web development has become more of a hobby for me.

Do you have any recommendations? Unfortunately, I struggle with generating ideas spontaneously, be it for a template or a website concept.

Alternatively, should I explore programming instead of focusing solely on layout? Perhaps backend development or creating native JavaScript applications?


It is crucial to commence working on tangible projects. Even if the initial outcomes are not exemplary, completing at least one website will contribute positively towards your skill level. Consider creating a website dedicated to cats or an online store for a friend or significant other. Additionally, you could take up an order through a freelance platform and successfully deliver it. These experiences will provide invaluable practical knowledge and enhance your proficiency.

Do not hesitate to fully immerse yourself in real-world web development tasks and seize opportunities to expand your portfolio.


Continuing to consume information without an actual project to apply it to will eventually reach a stagnant phase. If you find yourself lacking original ideas, don't fret - many individuals follow the same path and utilize existing ones. A helpful approach is to explore a compilation of flourishing startups in the Western market and identify something that resonates with your interests. From there, you can replicate and adapt certain elements to create your own unique project.

Remember, inspiration can be found by observing successful ventures and using them as a foundation for your endeavors in web development.


In the initial stages, it is not necessary to reinvent everything from scratch. Instead, consider taking inspiration from existing sources and incorporate them into your own creations. For instance, you can start by developing a personal blog using pre-existing layouts readily available on the internet. This allows you to test your skills and identify areas that require improvement, adhering to the adage of "practice, practice, and practice again."