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Started by afariat, Jan 18, 2023, 04:06 AM

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I was wondering about the meaning of "making up with the mouse". Is it really achievable to maintain a contemporary and adaptable layout while doing so?
Personally, I use traditional methods for my layout work such as opening my editor and typing away. However, there are a plethora of editors available both online and offline.

I'm interested in hearing from individuals who utilize specialized editors that assist in simplifying the layout process through clicking. The crux of this discussion is centered around interactive layout platforms.
Note: Constructors are not relevant to this topic.


Regrettably, there have been no tools that can match the quality of manual code thus far. While landing pages can be constructed using constructors with less stringent code requirements, this isn't the case for more complex projects. Of all the platforms I am familiar with, the most effective one is webflow.

Speaking of simplifications, there are various template engines and preprocessors available nowadays. Not only do they minimize the volume of code that needs to be written, but they also offer greater convenience when dealing with data. Essentially, much of the HTML drudgery is eliminated.


The Pinegrow web editor is an exceptional piece of software. Although it isn't free, it's easy to find a pirated version online. It's entirely feasible to create a responsive Bootstrap website devoid of any additional features without even touching the keyboard - all that's required is some class and ID instruction.

PCP's theme code is generated in an efficient manner compared to Themler's equivalent. Furthermore, the site provides some excellent video courses, such as those on creating a portfolio from the ground up. Overall, I messed around with it somewhat and became quite fond of it.