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Started by Bubunt, Jun 29, 2022, 05:47 AM

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We're in search of a website designer who can remodel our website. Kindly send your proposals via email to team [
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Much obliged.


Hi there,
You may check out JanBask Digital Design's previous work to see if their style suits your preferences. If so, you can reach out to them via email or phone to discuss your specific requirements and receive a detailed estimate. I hope this information is useful to you.
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Redesigning a website is not bound by any strict timeline and can be done as desired, but typically a site's design version lasts around 2-4 years. There are various reasons why site redesign may be required, such as expanding the company's product range, entering a new market, scaling its services, facing competition from other sites, having outdated designs, or experiencing a drop in traffic or conversions.

A website redesign can boost usability, improve search engine optimization, and enhance the website's credibility. There are different types of redesigns, including visual, functional, technical, conversion, and complete redesigns, each with its own specific purpose. A redesign can involve multiple types at once and includes actions like refining and scaling of the structure, adding new features, eliminating errors, and optimizing page loading speed. The cost of redesign service in the IT field is typically calculated based on the hours of work required to achieve the desired result.