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Started by ipt, Jun 28, 2022, 12:16 PM

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Acquire a WHMCS theme and template for your hosting business, featuring contemporary and pristine designs that will augment your revenue! Check out our list of current themes, including LowEndHost, Magna, Zeus, Odin, Caesar, UltraHost, UltraVPN, UltraGame, and UltraMC.
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Are you exclusively looking for a WHMCS template, or would you also be interested in reviewing an email template?

Wiley Harding

Wow, I am quite amazed by this Smarty. It is not just a framework, but also an incredibly powerful tool. I was able to find a solution to my initial query on the English forum, only to uncover another issue shortly thereafter. The suggestion on the forum was to relocate the order forms/chart folder from the styles directory to the designs folder, even though this action appeared to have no effect.
but, moving the folder provided access to the necessary template. By adjusting it accordingly, it was possible to make changes without leaving any noticeable alterations. On the other hand, simply deleting the order forms folder resulted in an empty page.


It might be beneficial to present it in a more detailed and engaging way to fully capture the interest of your potential customers. Here's an adjustment I would propose:

"Looking to amp up your hosting business with a modern and sleek edge? Check out our exclusive range of WHMCS themes and templates, tailored to enhance your business aesthetics and attract more customers!

From the elegant simplicity of LowEndHost to the raw power feel of UltraMC, our selection has something for everybody. Choose from our unique themes, such as the regal Caesar, dynamic Zeus, and the robust Odin. And if your focus is on VPN or gaming services, consider our specially designed UltraVPN and UltraGame themes.

But that's not all! We're excited to introduce the most premium themes like the Magna, UltraHost. They are not just themes but great tools for boosting your online presence with their contemporary design and easy-to-use interfaces.

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"Set your hosting business apart with our exceptional WHMCS themes and templates! Each meticulously designed layout offers a lavish user interface, boosting customer engagement and helping your business leave a lasting impression.

Consider the sophisticated LowEndHost, an epitome of modern design that offers simplicity and professionalism. Or look to our more opulent offerings like the Magna and the Caesar - themes designed to rule the market with their regal aesthetic.

For businesses specializing in gaming and VPN services, the UltraGame and UltraVPN themes help you stand out in these competitive niches, while the omnipotent Zeus and the robust Odin themes exude the strength and reliability customers are seeking in their hosting providers.

Our freshest addition to the collection, UltraHost and UltraMC, emerge as the ultimate player, ready to transform any website into a powerhouse of innovation and efficiency.

The best part? You can now get any of these affluent themes at a discounted rate! Use the coupon code '10OFFIT' and enjoy a 10% markdown - an offer hard to pass up!

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"Transform your hosting business with a touch of absolute elegance and innovation, thanks to our unparalleled collection of WHMCS themes and templates. Each thoughtfully designed theme reflects a perfect blend of functionality and mesmerizing designs that promise to captivate your audience.

Explore our reserved yet powerful LowEndHost theme or dive into the sophisticated ambience of the Magna offering. If you're seeking a royal touch, the Caesar theme imbues majestic charm unlike any other. And don't miss out on the Zeus, Odin, each carrying its unique aura of power and stability.

For those dealing with VPN or gaming services, we've crafted the UltraVPN and UltraGame - themes that resonate with your specialty, giving your platform a competitive edge. Meet our latest entrants, the UltraHost, and UltraMC, exuding a sense of sophistication and innovation that's set to redefine your online presence.

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