Where to Buy and Sell Non-Fungible Tokens

Started by Emily Evans, Oct 24, 2022, 03:49 AM

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NFT is no longer a niche topic! The recent surge in digital art has been a fascinating trend. NFTs are becoming increasingly popular among art collectors, investors, and traders. We'll explore where you can buy or sell NFTs.

NFTs are unique non-interchangeable tokens that cannot be replicated. They encompass works of art, real estate, artifacts in computer games, and more.

What is an NFT marketplace, you ask? These platforms exclusively trade in NFTs and offer services like storing, displaying, buying, and selling them. There are many such marketplaces, but let's focus on the top 5 most intriguing ones.

OpenSea is currently one of the largest and most popular NFT marketplaces, with an array of different offerings such as modern art paintings and game cards. The platform integrates smoothly into crypto infrastructure and enables various auction functions. However, users have to pay a commission when selling their work.

Rarible is another NFT marketplace that has gained global recognition and allows artists to create and sell their work using their RARI token. Authors receive payment each time their work is resold, a unique feature in the market. Nevertheless, Ethereum network commissions are required when creating a new token.

NiftyGateway boasts excellent functionality for buying and selling NFTs, as well as secure transactions with fiat currency. In contrast to other platforms, users can withdraw their earnings to credit or debit cards. However, the platform retains a commission from each sale.

SuperRare functions as a virtual gallery of digital art. Each artwork is considered a one-of-a-kind digital item that can be owned and traded. The platform also takes only a small commission from sellers. It's still a developing platform that recently received $9 million in funding for further growth and expansion.

NFT marketplaces are rapidly gaining traction, and new platforms continue to emerge. Whether you're an artist or collector, NFTs present a unique opportunity to participate in the growing digital art market.


If something new and absurd arises or catches the attention of Dignitaries who predict its collapse and fraud, I will explore that area and try to profit from it. Unfortunately, such is life. As for my opinion on NFTs, I believe they are senseless, malevolent, and nonsensical.


I appreciate your feedback and information. It motivated me to investigate further into the matter. From my understanding, the NFT market has experienced significant changes in the past month. NBA Top Shot secured the third spot due to their fair video clip management policy, and a new player from China named Binance emerged in the scene.
In my opinion, Binance shows remarkable potential and opportunities in this field. What is your take on the matter?


Mintable is one of the digital marketplaces that concentrate on digital collectibles, alongside Mintbase and Terra Virtua. This year, Mintable made its debut as a user-friendly platform for purchasing, selling, and trading assets on Zilliqa blockchain.
Artists can transform their artworks, PDFs, music, images, and other files into a blockchain-based asset without having to create a smart contract themselves.

Meanwhile, Mintbase also allows users to mint various assets, including artwork, music, tickets, and more. Afterward, the assets can be moved to OpenSea for sale.