Which is the most convenient way to accept payment?

Started by judii, Aug 01, 2022, 11:23 AM

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In essence, the concept is whether there are payment gateways available that allow for easy acceptance of customer payments. For instance, providing a link for customers to choose a payment method that suits them, and the funds being deposited into a convenient wallet without revealing any personal data.

Though the service may be deemed "gray," it is not intended to harm anyone. Additionally, keeping clients' data private is a priority that is likely shared by many.


Various acquiring services exist that can take up to 20% of the payment amount as a fee, but they do enable trading of practically anything. Alternatively, for legitimate businesses, integrating with aggregators like Interkassa, Enot, or Unitpay might be more suitable.

While you could configure each payment system separately, it may not be worth the effort for small businesses. However, for less reputable businesses, observing how drug dealers accept payments and making smarter decisions based on that information could be a useful strategy.


Well, with a gray business, I don't know what to do. Personally, I use unitpay. I can offer you to discount your bitcoin wallet to your clients and not worry. If necessary, find a way to pay


Personally, I use https://www.coinpayments.net (not advertising). In general, everything suits me, but the percentage of payment for goods with cryptocurrency is about 10% (people most often use paypal). And there are bitcoin mixers for anonymous withdrawal, I can't recommend a certain service here, but it really works.


It is not recommended to include a simple card number on your website as a means of payment, as it could be perceived by potential customers as fraudulent.

Once someone transfers money to your card, they are essentially relying on your honesty to deliver the promised goods or services. If you fail to do so, there would be no legal recourse for the customer to recover their money. Furthermore, once the bank notices multiple transfers coming into your account from various sources, they may become suspicious and lock your card.