24Cross7 .com & SellingAsset .com and Acquire.design

Started by Plan, Jun 21, 2022, 03:17 AM

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PlanTopic starter

Could I please have the opinions of any experts?


Well done for getting restricted on the marketplace.
- What was your reason for registering these items?
- Can you tell me what 24cross7 means?
- The term "Sellingasset" is incorrect in English.
- These things are actually liabilities, not assets.
- I don't see any worth or usefulness in this.


In my opinion, 24cross7 is not equivalent to 24x7. I don't believe it's worth the cost to register, but I wish you luck nonetheless.


I believe that 24Cross7 has the potential to be sold for over one thousand dollars, while the other domains do not hold much value.