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Started by HarshMehra, Aug 17, 2022, 01:05 AM

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Can you provide your evaluation of the domain name? Just to give you some context, the domain was sold by the registrar for $130,000 and has the same renewal fee. I was offered $100 for it, but that is just the price for registration and it wasn't even worth considering.


The cost of a domain name is determined by how much one is willing to pay for it. However, without a project in mind, the maximum value would be around $100. Nowadays, with the abundance of new domain name extensions, it can be challenging to sell unless there is a specific demand for that particular domain name.

When it comes to domain names, clarity is key. This is why is such a top-level domain since its purpose is evident from the name itself. On the other hand, despite having keywords related to babies, may not be considered as a top domain.


I had the chance to work with this domain name, and it performed exceptionally well. The domain has excellent ratings, and I encountered no issues while using it. Upon assessment, the offered price for the domain was reasonable, although it is still possible to negotiate for a higher value.


While may not hold as much value as, I believe that it has the potential to sell for at least a thousand dollars. Additionally, it could become a sought-after website for mothers in the future.