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Started by jina, Jun 26, 2022, 03:21 AM

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jinaTopic starter

Can you provide your assessment and perspectives on the domain dinnermeals.com?
Your assistance is appreciated.


I believe that the name DinnerMeals lacks coherence. For instance, names like SuperMeals, HappyMeals, and BestMeal have prefixes that complement the word better than DinnerMeals.
This shows good synergy between words.


In my opinion, it is repetitive because a dinner or having dinner already implies a meal.
As an example, I have mobimeals.com, which describes what is to come and paints a clear picture using one term for the other. This is just my viewpoint.


I am fond of the domain dinnermeals.com and I believe that with some patience, it could potentially be sold for up to $10,000.