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Started by Movut, Jun 21, 2022, 04:09 AM

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What are your thoughts on the domain name ElPasoRoofingContractors .com?

This name relates to a city in the United States and has a monthly search volume of 100-1000 with a maximum cost per click of $20.
Comparable domain names like DallasRoofingContractors.com, SanAntonioRoofingContractors.com, and DenverRoofingContractors.com have sold for $2488, $999, and $688 respectively.

The Godaddy Appraisal values this domain at $581. What is your opinion on this domain name and what would be the minimum price you'd consider paying for it?


This is a mid-tier city that cannot be compared to cities like Dallas, Denver, and San Antonio. If the domain name was just "ElPasoRoofing," I could potentially sell it to an end user for a few thousand dollars.

 Currently, it would be difficult to sell as is. I believe if I search for similar cities, I may find available domain names that can be registered manually.


The range is in the mid-xx to low-xхx.


It's important to have direct communication with stakeholders. If this is possible, you could potentially earn up to $10,000 through the sale. However, if it's not possible, it may only be worth around $50.