Started by redshrey, Jun 21, 2022, 03:24 AM

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I was wondering if you could clarify these two domains: represents property management or project management in New York City. represents property management or project management in Texas.
Thank you very much.


If you have to clarify the meaning behind the name, it suggests that the abbreviation is not commonly known. As a result, potential users may choose a different option, making the name unhelpful.


If I were the seller, I would begin by asking $500 and gradually decrease the price. If I were buying, I would only offer up to $50, and even then, only if I was very interested in the domain.
However, these prices are not set in stone, as a domain's worth can be much higher than its initial valuation. I've seen cases where domains have sold for much more than their face value, but I've also seen the opposite happen.