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Started by meganiams, Mar 13, 2023, 07:16 AM

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Take a moment to appreciate this domain name, which is currently up for auction on Sedo. I must admit that I am new to this process and eager to learn more.


The combination of these keywords is exceptional. It's unclear how many similar point tools have been sold in the past, but their synergy is undeniable. I am willing to offer $2,400 for this keyword, eagerly awaiting to see its potential value.

To gain more insights on previous sales related to this domain, I suggest checking out namebio. It's a reliable source for tracking domain sales and can provide valuable information for making informed decisions.

Interestingly, within this specific top-level domain, there have only been a few sales, with a total value of around $xхx. This information adds an extra layer of consideration when assessing the potential value of this keyword. Perhaps a more conservative estimate of around $850 would be appropriate.