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Started by RZA2008, Sep 08, 2022, 10:14 AM

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Can you explain the process of selling and how it operates? The minimum price seems to be 200 yuan, which is approximately $30.

In case someone buys a domain name from me, I am unsure about the payment options as it seems that PayPal is not working. Do you have any suggestions on how and where to facilitate payment?

Additionally, I am curious about the duration it takes for domain names to be checked.

Regarding payment methods, can you explain how to select one in my account if a buyer wants to purchase my domain, and also which banks accept Yuan?


A year ago, I sold a domain name and received payment in dollars through the bank. If yuan is the only option now, it may be worth considering as a way to diversify your savings.

When it comes to "strange" domain names, they can hold significance for certain Chinese concepts. For example, a sequence of numbers that may seem arbitrary to us, can be deemed aesthetically pleasing by Chinese speakers such as "53550 - wo xiang wen wen ni - I want to kiss you" or "77543 - cai cai wo shi shei - Guess Who I am".

As English poses challenges for many Chinese individuals, domainers or spammers tend to only target the most proficient speakers. However, on, there may be end-users interested in purchasing. Some potential buyers may leave their QQ contact (similar to ICQ in China), allowing for negotiation through which offers a small percentage for escrow services.


I accidentally sold a domain on a great site that I had intended to drop. Lately, promising offers have been coming in from Chinese buyers who are investing heavily in the market and creating lucrative opportunities for domainers looking to capitalize on the Chinese boom.

Due to language barriers, only the most proficient Chinese domainers or spammers who resort to mass emailing are likely to reach out to English-speaking sellers. However, on, there may be interested Chinese buyers who include their QQ contact information (similar to ICQ in China) in purchase offers. Through, a small percentage can be taken for escrow services when negotiating with these buyers.


1. Create an account: You'll need to register an account with the platform.

2. Add your domain: On your user dashboard, there should be an option to add domains you own that you'd like to sell.

3. Set your price: 4.CN, like many other domain platforms, allows you to either set a fixed price or choose to put your domain to auction.

4. Wait for review: Once you've added your domain and set your price, the platform might review your listing before it goes live. This process can vary in duration but usually takes a few days.

5. Trade: When a buyer is interested in your domain, they'll make an offer or buy immediately if you've set a price. After that, the platform typically holds the funds in escrow and guides you through the process of transferring the domain.

Payment options: If PayPal is not working and the platform does not have a preferred payment option, you might be able to use other online financial services that can convert and transfer international currencies such as Skrill, TransferWise, or Payoneer. Each of these services offers competitive exchange rates and secure transactions. Be sure to check the feasibility and legality in your respective region before deciding.

Choosing payment method: In most platforms, you can select your preferred payment method in your account settings. Once it is set up, the buyers will send payments to that selected option. But again, for specific instructions, you'll need to check the platform itself.

Banks accepting Yuan: Many banks globally accept Chinese Yuan (CNY). In the United States, for instance, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citibank all have options for account holders to convert CNY to USD and vice versa. However, it's worth noting that they might charge fees, provide less competitive conversion rates than other services, or have requirements to do so.