How to win auction at SnapNames?

Started by lizatailor23, Aug 09, 2022, 10:27 AM

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I recently purchased a domain name through SnapNames that was caught successfully. However, there were other individuals who also expressed interest in the same domain, so an auction was held.

As someone who has never participated in this type of event before, I am seeking advice from experienced individuals. Specifically, what strategies should I consider when placing bids in order to increase my chances of winning? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


The crucial aspect to consider is that bids are typically made in the final minutes of an auction, and your success in winning the bid depends solely on the budget you have allocated for the domain name.

One possible strategy is to set an automatic bid at your maximum budget and hope for luck. Another option is to exercise patience and wait until the final minutes of the auction to begin bargaining. In some cases, this may take several hours.

As an additional suggestion, it may be useful to monitor the bidding activity closely in order to gain insights into your competitors' strategies and adjust your own approach accordingly.

Ethane Ford

It is important to view any auction as a typical purchase, rather than a game of chance (especially in modern times). In order to save time, it is recommended that you carefully select a domain name and estimate its value beforehand. For example, if your real calculations suggest that the item is worth $350 (or has a redemption price at that level), and the starting price for the auction is $170, you can reasonably expect the final price to fall within the range of $275 to $325. Additionally, keep in mind that the final purchase price is typically 10-20% lower than the listed value of the item.

It is crucial to recognize that there is no guaranteed way to "win" an auction. If multiple parties express interest in the same item, it is likely that numerous bidders will be vying for it until the very end.

To add to this discussion, it may be beneficial to research the history of similar auctions and analyze the bidding patterns that occurred. This could help you develop a more effective strategy and increase your chances of achieving a successful outcome.


I successfully pre-ordered a vacated domain name through SnapNames and the payment was processed. However, I have yet to receive any correspondence or confirmation from the registrar. SnapNames has informed me that the domain is being transferred to Network Solutions, which is where I previously made a similar pre-order three years ago.
Although my personal information is listed correctly on the domain whois record, I currently have an empty account with Network Solutions.

I have reached out to SnapNames for assistance, but their response has been less than helpful thus far. They simply stated that the domain is now in a Network Solutions account and sent a password reset to the email address on file. Unfortunately, this email did not reach my Yandex account. I am concerned about potentially creating a duplicate account with Network Solutions, as I already have an existing one.

As for my own input, it may be worthwhile to continue following up with both SnapNames and Network Solutions and express the specific difficulties you are experiencing. It may also be possible to contact customer support directly and explain your situation in more detail to get the assistance you need.