Namejet as a platform for domain names selling

Started by vinodkumar, Aug 02, 2022, 05:26 AM

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vinodkumarTopic starter

Has anyone had any experience using Namejet to sell domain names? I am interested in this platform and would like to know if anyone has tried it. From what I understand, you submit a list of domains for consideration and Namejet decides which ones to auction.
 If anyone has any insights or feedback about Namejet, please share.


To apply for Namejet, fill out a form with your best domain names that you plan to auction. If they're interested, you'll receive a contract and instructions within about six weeks. The service commission is roughly 15%, and you can set a reserve price for each domain in the application.

 Enom must hold all domains by the end of the auction, and transfer fees are paid by the seller. Payment is made in one USD voucher on a NET 15 basis for all successful auctions the previous month. This old-school, semi-manual platform works best for large portfolios, but may not be ideal for individual domains due to long payment delays and additional complications.


I had some experience with Namejet around a year ago. I submitted domain names via the online form and received a response quickly. They provided their own version of my list with lower reserve prices, which resulted in several discussions about pricing and links to similar completed auctions. Ultimately, I decided not to go through with it.
While sales on Namejet may be higher than other platforms, I wasn't comfortable transferring everything to Enom at such a high cost and reducing reserves.