What happened to .biz domain name zone?

Started by VaishaliYadav, Oct 28, 2022, 02:15 AM

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VaishaliYadavTopic starter

It seems that GoDaddy has stopped including "premiums" in the .BIZ zone on its auction, but I hope that this doesn't mean an increase in prices by the owner of the zone. The real question is whether or not the bonuses will be withdrawn from current owners.

Upon closer examination, the situation isn't all doom and gloom - there will no longer be inexpensive drops for "premiums" in this zone. This change may also apply to the .info and .us zones, which could explain the sudden surge in keyword purchases for the latter.

It looks like those who were hoping to snag LLL domains from the overbought market won't be able to do so through drops anymore!

Additionally, discount registrars like LCN and Freenom are stopping the transfer of premium domains from this zone to regular ones like dynadot, giving the impression that everything is business as usual.


I've noticed a slight increase in requests for my LLL.biz domain, which is pretty exciting news! Interestingly enough, it seems that Germans are the ones who are particularly fond of this domain zone.

It'll be interesting to see how things develop from here, but for now, it seems like everything is looking up. I also found out that some LLL.biz domains that were previously reserved after being dropped are now being offered for free registration as bonuses, at a price point of around 800-1000 dollars.

As for the extension itself, I used porkbun to check it out and it looks like BIZ-LLL is extended at its usual price. All things considered, things seem to be going just fine so far.