Different DNS give different IP addresses to the same domain name

Started by feedar, Feb 14, 2023, 03:15 AM

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When attempting to determine the IP address of a site through nslookup uapa.de using a DNS provider, I observed a nuance - I received the IP address However, when using Google's DNS (nslookup uapa.de, I received a different IP address: Can you explain why the DNS is providing different IP addresses for the same domain?


Only one IP address is provided. is resolved successfully and consistently from various locations. First, make sure that either in the hosts file or on the local DNS servers, there is a line such as "  uapa.de". Then, if issues persist, it may be necessary to contact the provider's technical support for assistance.

It's important to ensure that the correct IP address is listed in either the hosts file or the local DNS servers. If issues continue, it's worth reaching out to the provider's technical support team for further assistance. Additionally, it may be beneficial to try different DNS servers to see if the issue persists across all providers. Having multiple options for resolving domain names can help to identify potential issues and find a solution more quickly.


Before diving into troubleshooting DNS issues, it's important to understand the fundamentals of network building. Familiarizing oneself with topics such as private IP addresses can be helpful. In some cases, providers may have their own local networks that utilize "gray" IP addresses. These providers may also configure their DNS servers to provide gray IPs to those connected locally and white IPs to those outside of the local network. Therefore, it is possible to receive different IPs depending on which resolver is used - with the provider's resolver providing a gray IP (, and Google's resolver providing a white IP (

Building a robust and reliable network requires a solid understanding of the underlying principles and methodologies. In addition to familiarizing oneself with topics such as private IP addresses, it can also be helpful to understand various DNS configurations and their potential impact on IP address resolution. It's worth noting that the specific IP address received can vary based on the resolver being used. Providers that utilize their own local networks may use gray IPs for local resources, while providing white IPs for external resources. Being aware of these nuances can help to troubleshoot DNS issues more effectively.