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Started by SadaAlnsyan, Dec 09, 2022, 01:51 AM

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SadaAlnsyanTopic starter

Do I need to continue paying for the extension or was it given as a gift?

James Fisher

If specific conditions are met, such as buying hosting, then a domain may be given as a direct gift. Once registered in your name, the domain belongs to you. However, typically only the first year is free and subsequent years will require payment.

The cost of renewal depends on the registrar and the discount they offer. Some domains may require you to scan your passport due to legal requirements. If renewal is costly with one registrar, it's possible to transfer the domain to another registrar. There are numerous accredited registrars as well as resellers available.


Web hosting services typically offer a free domain for one year as an additional service. However, it's important to note that this domain may not be suitable for SEO or usability purposes if it is not memorable or relevant to your field.

It's also not uncommon for developers to offer a free domain as a gift when creating a website for a client. The domain may have already been purchased and offered to the client or the developer may register it for themselves - in which case the client does not own the domain. Another possibility is that the cost of the domain is included in the overall cost of creating the website. While these are the most common reasons, there may be other instances where a domain is offered as a gift.