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Started by bergercpafirst, Dec 29, 2022, 02:08 AM

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Greetings everyone!

My objective is to launch my initial website onto the internet. As I researched the process, I found myself a bit confused. There are multiple domain registrars alongside various hosting services.

I'm having trouble understanding why many experts advise against registering a domain through my chosen hosting service. Instead, they suggest using a reputable organization such as  If I picked a hosting service, like the highest-rated services for this year - or, would registering my domain with them be considered unwise? Furthermore, if you have any recommendations for hosting services that balance price and quality, I would love to hear them.

Do any of you have experience with launching websites? I'd greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions!


Let me provide some advice regarding launching your first website. Instead of dealing with the hassle and expenses of paid web hosting and domain registration, I suggest going for a free web hosting with a free domain. This way, you can try things out without wasting money, learn from any mistakes, and then upgrade to a better service once you have gained more experience.

You can find an extensive list of free hosting services at For obtaining a free domain, check out

Do keep in mind that while free web hosting and domains come at no cost, they may have limited features and are not suitable for large-scale websites. However, it's a great option to get started and test the waters!


It's worth noting that domains can be transferred from one registrar to another. The hosting providers you mentioned are typically affiliated with larger registrars. If you're only planning to use a few domains, choosing a registrar-based hosting provider makes little difference.

However, if you intend to work with many domains, selecting a registrar separately might be a better choice. By doing so, you can consolidate all of your domains in one place while selecting hosting services based on your website's requirements.


It's important to differentiate between domain name services and hosting services. While you can register a domain name with one company and acquire hosting services from another, the two are essentially separate services.

Generally speaking, the domain name registrar provides Name Servers (NS) which allow you to edit your DNS records. To connect your domain name with the IP address of your hosting provider, you can set up an 'A' record with the domain name registrar. By doing so, you can direct internet traffic to your hosting server.