Domain names that are not worth showing?

Started by mishraviplav7877, Oct 18, 2022, 03:18 AM

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mishraviplav7877Topic starter

Hey there, esteemed members of the forum. I came across a conversation about a domain name on this forum quite recently. However, I noticed that one particular response was quite hesitant, stating that it'd be best not to showcase the said domain name. Is there any reason behind such caution? Are there certain kinds of domain names that should be kept hidden?

I believe that some domain names may be more sensitive or controversial than others, which is why people might hesitate to reveal them publicly. In any case, I would still appreciate any advice or insight regarding the matter.


If your domain name is a perfect match for a trademark, or if it hasn't been registered for long, or if you're asking for an evaluation with the intention of selling, and you also happen to mention the owner of the trademark, then a court can easily take action against you. Especially if you initiated the topic in which you sought an evaluation. This underscores the importance of anonymity on this forum, and I can't understand why the forum administration doesn't support it more actively.

Regulars here often use real names instead of their nicknames, and this is considered normal. But from my own experience, I've learned that if you ask the administration to delete a comment where not only your nickname, but also your full name has been revealed, you'll most likely receive an unhelpful response referring you to the rules of the site. I've concluded that it's not safe to disclose serious domain names on this platform, as there seems to be no way to get anything accomplished. Furthermore, doing so might result in accusations of regular domain flipping.