Domain names with and without dashes

Started by HarshMehra, Jul 15, 2022, 05:33 AM

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HarshMehraTopic starter

I have always purchased domains solely for personal use and never considered selling them. The crux of the matter is that there exists a two-word name with varying domain options, one with a dash and one without.

The owner of the non-dashed domain is asking for almost double the price of the dashed version. Although the non-dashed option is not aesthetically appealing, I would still redirect it to the dashed version for my personal usage. Nonetheless, I am considering purchasing both versions to have in my arsenal.

 My inquiry is whether acquiring the dashed domain would lower the price of the non-dashed option and what advice experienced colleagues might have on this matter.


A dash in a domain name is only beneficial if the word includes a dash in the dictionary. Otherwise, projects should be created using a non-dashed domain. Nevertheless, it is recommended to purchase a dashed domain before launching the project, as its value will increase alongside the project's growth.

If the cost of the domain is too high, a tactic would be to send periodic emails claiming interest in the domain but with limited budget constraints, followed by declaring that another domain has since been purchased. This strategy may lead to the irrational behavior of the owner and prevent them from selling to a competitor, which is the ultimate goal.


For search engines, the number of dashes in a domain does not matter. However, for human audiences, having no more than one dash is optimal. It's important to consider the type of project and its intended audience. For a tech-savvy audience, any characters are acceptable, but for an industry remote from IT, creating a site without a dash is preferable.

Searching for sites on everyday topics in the .com domain zone demonstrates that most domains have no dashes. When creating a branded resource, a short dash is acceptable or even welcomed, whereas in other cases it's less desirable. If needed, another domain can be purchased and merged in the future.