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Started by anya_catherine, Jul 26, 2022, 03:25 AM

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anya_catherineTopic starter

Can someone share their experience with finding and selling dropped domains? Where can one do this and what is the potential profit from these deals?
This is a question from a newcomer.


This is a fairly complex and well-established business. In order to make money on abandoned domains, you need to have more than one thousand of them. As a rule, registrars auction such names themselves. But as I understand it, you mean the earnings of a cybersquatter. Then you need to constantly monitor names that are interesting from your point of view on services like Expired Domens and the like.
In general, in addition to significant investments, it is also necessary to understand which of the freed domains may be of interest to the buyer. It's like playing on the stock exchange - big money + big knowledge, and of course luck. 8)

Mark Walker

Finding abandoned domains can be the most challenging aspect of making money from them. Third-party database services, like expireddomains.net or dropdomains, are not the best options but can still yield profits. Availability of the domain is also a crucial consideration because a new owner may have already claimed it. Special services exist to find such domains.

Lastly, for those seeking authority rather than uniqueness, determining a domain's Google search indicator through backlinks or using services like ahrefs.com is useful. While making money through finding, filtering, and promoting abandoned domains is possible, it may not be worth the effort as it is often time-consuming with little payoff.

Zhoshua Adrian

Finding Dropped domain names is not so difficult, but finding a specific name that is no longer used is difficult. Works best with WHOIS lookups. You can enter the desired name and find out if it has an owner. If you need a ready-made list, then you can look at Stuck Domains, Valuedrops, FreshDrop or the famous DomCop. Can you make money on this? Of course! How? Depends on the name. The main thing before "awakening" is to analyze the name for payback.


There are various methods to find dropped domains. One way is to use specialized services that collect expired or soon-to-be-released domain names. For instance, expireddomains.net is a popular service that offers a filter for different criteria such as domain name contains, backlinks, age, citation flow, and trust flow. However, the accuracy of citation flow and trust flow may be questionable, so it's better to focus on domains with some backlinks and analyze them further using Ahrefs and Majestic services.

Another service, mydrop.io, has similar functionality and a convenient menu with links to Google index, Web Archive, Linkpad, and Megaindex services. In both cases, the aim is to compile a list of domains to analyze thoroughly for potential profitability.

Anthony Brooks

Although finding dropped domains may not be difficult, many of them lack competitiveness and are hard to resell. To locate such domains, one can use WHOIS with specific search parameters, browse forums for marketers, or check niche-specific funnel forums where enthusiasts share openly.
For example, droppeddomain.com is a popular search site for abandoned domains.

The primary issue with these domains is their unappealing names, making them challenging to promote. While there is potential to make money off them, it may take time and require finding the right client. Further details on how to profit from such domains are not revealed in the text.