How long before new domainer should start buying?

Started by bandwo, Jun 23, 2022, 07:02 AM

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How long before a new domainer should start buying?

15 days
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15 to 30 days
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30 to 45 days
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45 - 60 days
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More than 60 days
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bandwoTopic starter

What is the suggested time period for a new domainer to acquaint themselves with the market before they begin investing in domain names?


It is important to take the necessary time to truly understand what you are doing in order to be successful. Simply assuming that you have a grasp on the subject matter is not sufficient.


Make sure to double check that you are not spending your money unwisely. Even after doing so, only purchase a small number of domain names and continue to learn. If you discover that the initial names you registered were not profitable, recognize that it was a valuable learning experience.

As a novice, it is recommended to utilize the appraisal section when registering domain names. This allows for input from seasoned domainers regarding the quality of the domain.


A domainer is someone who purchases domain names with the intention of reselling them. This profession has become popular in western countries, yet those involved often avoid discussing it in depth.

Some common questions surrounding this market include where to purchase a quality .com domain at a reasonable price, what criteria to consider when selecting a domain to buy, and where to effectively sell the purchased domain on the western internet.

Additionally, individuals may be interested in learning how to transfer a domain to an auction or list it for sale, as well as ways to maximize the limit for domain sales in an auction.

There are secret tips for successfully selling domains on the western internet, such as registering on two exchanges for buying and selling, purchasing a .com domain, and effectively selling the domain on a foreign website while withdrawing profits.


 I strongly recommend that new domainers invest a minimum of 6 to 12 months in familiarizing themselves with the domain market before engaging in domain name investments. This foundational period should be used for comprehensive market research, including analyzing historical domain sales data, identifying emerging trends, and understanding the factors that contribute to the valuation of domain names.

Moreover, it's essential for new domainers to build a robust network within the industry. This involves attending domain conferences, joining relevant online communities and forums, and seeking mentorship from experienced domain investors. These connections can provide valuable guidance, insights, and firsthand knowledge about successful domain investment strategies.

Additionally, this period should be utilized to gain a thorough understanding of the legal and ethical considerations surrounding domain investing. Familiarity with trademark laws, domain acquisition best practices, and potential pitfalls is crucial for making informed and responsible investment decisions.