Is it possible to buy a name name for a site on whois

Started by QuarkJacks, Feb 17, 2023, 09:19 AM

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Can a site name be purchased on whois and then used to buy a domain on GoDaddy? If so, what is the process for doing this?


The registrar is responsible for domain name registration, and typically has a search bar on its website, which is essentially Whois. The domain name is purchased for one year and can be extended.

GoDaddy typically offers cheap initial registration with more expensive renewal rates, prompting many users to utilize this service. Other Western registrars include and

It's important to understand that purchasing a domain does not immediately create a website; at minimum, a simple webpage must be created and hosted. Registrars often offer hosting services, but most hosting services also offer domain registration as well.

These are separate paid services, though they can often be bundled together as a package, such as receiving a free domain when paying for a year of hosting. The choice of hosting service will depend on specific requirements.


Whois is an informational service that does not facilitate purchasing of domains; it simply displays whether a domain is available or occupied. In contrast, GoDaddy allows for domain purchases if the desired domain name is available.

It's important to note that while Whois does not offer purchasing options, it can still be a valuable tool in terms of researching and verifying domains before making a purchase. Additionally, there are other registrars besides GoDaddy that provide domain registration services.