Second-level domain name for home server

Started by astalavista_b, Feb 12, 2023, 07:50 AM

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Can you suggest a platform to purchase a domain name for my home computer's local http server? Additionally, how can I configure the settings for the domain once it is purchased?


To have your own domain, all you need to do is purchase it from a registrar and renew the registration annually.

To connect this domain to your home server with a fixed external IP address, you will need to configure DNS by setting up primary and secondary servers in different networks for the domain. These servers can either be configured on your own home server or on another server provided by a registrar.

One possible option is to register the domain, order a secondary DNS, set up a primary DNS on your home server, and manage your domain from the comfort of your home using the server console. However, it's important to note that hosting a website on a home server can have security risks and may not be the most reliable solution.


To get started with a custom domain for your website, you will need to purchase a domain name and DNS hosting.

One platform you might consider is PeterHost, which offers a subscription fee of only $1 per year and supports registration for up to one hundred domains.

Keep in mind that you will also need a dedicated, fixed IP address from your internet service provider, which typically costs around $3 per month. This will ensure that traffic to your domain is routed to the correct server.


When purchasing a domain, it's important to ensure that it is registered to you and not to the office selling it. You can buy a domain from any provider you prefer as long as they register it to you.

After purchasing your domain, you will need to set up DNS hosting to connect it to your website. This option can be affordable, costing only a small amount, or you can use free services such as and Google also offers DNS hosting, although it's worth researching the specifics of this service before deciding if it's the best fit for your needs.