Steps to listing domain on multiple platforms

Started by gnh73, Jun 20, 2022, 12:03 PM

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Perhaps I am overanalyzing this, most likely. For instance, I want to include my domain on both Dan and Afternic, with the latter hosting my landing page. If I go ahead and put in the TXT Record for Afternic, do I have to wait for verification before changing my Nameservers to Dan?

Once I change to Dan's Nameservers, wouldn't the TXT Records be inaccessible due to Afternic since Dan is now in control of them? As you can see, I tend to overthink things. Any help with clarifying this would be appreciated!


I was able to accomplish this by using Epik registrar, directing it to Epik marketplace NS, and then adding a TXT record to Dan. The only downside was that I got Epik's landing pages. It's possible to do the same thing at SAV, NameCheap, and Porkbun.
Additionally, I heard rumors that Dan intends to become a registrar, which may make it easier to achieve this with them in the near future.


You don't need a TXT record to add names to Afternic; just add the names and they will appear on your portfolio after a brief review. If a name already exists in their database, send them an email with a screenshot from the backend of your registrar where your name appears.

What you're describing applies to listing on Sedo. To start with Sedo, you need to add a TXT record to your current registrar, but it's not related to whether you're using Dan, Epik, Dynadot or any other registrar - this TXT record merely confirms to Sedo that you are the owner of the name. It does not have any additional impact.


Sedo offers a search for alternative options and has been beneficial for several organizations. One example is, who purchased a similar domain name in the com zone to bring in more potential customers. Another example is Bices Florist, who purchased a shorter domain name,, which increased traffic to their website by 75%. Sedo also offers a Premium Domain Brokerage Program for exclusive sale of high traffic and high-priced domain names. In 2005, this program supported expensive domain name sales, such as for $470,000.

Sedo proposed to ICANN to regulate auction sales on the Internet of single-character domains in the com domain, which came amid criticism of ICANN for its proposed increase in the cost of registering domain names in public domains. Sedo's proposal would allow for professional distribution of attractive domain names and use proceeds from sales to compensate for ICANN's growing expenses. The attractiveness of a domain is evaluated based on site parameters such as memorability, brevity, and history, which is valuable for both buyers and sellers.