Domain Broker Wanted For Software . Network

Started by friv10games, Dec 07, 2022, 07:32 AM

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friv10gamesTopic starter

I need a professional intermediary to sell the Software Dot Network domain name. If you are interested in earning a commission for the sale of this domain, please get in touch with me in this thread or through a private message to discuss the terms.

As the owner of the domain name, I am open to considering various offers, but I give priority to qualified brokers who have experience in selling domains.


Hello, @friv10games. Could you please provide me with a rough estimate of the sale price that would satisfy you? I am also interested in knowing the amount of fees involved. I will await your response to discuss further details.

I aim to find the best solution for all parties involved and make the deal as advantageous as possible. If you have any specific requirements or preferences, please feel free to let me know.